What is Enteral Nutrition?

When you aren’t able to get the nutrition you need through conventional methods your doctor may recommend enteral nutrition therapy. Enteral nutrition therapy relies on consuming a liquid formula (an enteral formula) for nutritional sustenance, greatly reducing the work that your digestive system needs to perform to absorb the nutrients. This is often the case for patients with compromised GI systems.

How to Administer Enteral Nutrition

Enteral nutrition can be administered orally (i.e., drinking the enteral formula), or via use of an enteral feed (tube feeding)

Types of Elemental Formulas

The primary types of formulas include elemental diets, semi-elemental diets, polymeric (also referred to as “intact” formulas), and specialized.

Where to Purchase Enteral Nutrition Formulas

Enteral formulas are available through licensed healthcare practitioners. Because it’s often being used as your sole source of nutrition, it’s critical to be used under the guidance and supervision of a healthcare practitioner.